• Modulator/demodulator for continuous-phase modulation (CPM), including :
    • MSK, GMSK (BT = 0.7,0.5,0.3 and 0.25),
    • FSK, GFSK,
    • PCM/FM
  • These constant envelope modulations are ideal for operation through power amplifiers near saturation.
  • Flexible programmable features:
    • Symbol rate up to 39.5 Msymbols/s
    • Modulation index h [0.125 to 4]
  • Coherent demodulation for h = 0.5.
    Non-coherent demodulation for all other modulation indices h.
  • Frequency acquisition range > +/- 12% of symbol rate. Tracking symbol rates over +/- 50ppm around nominal setting
  • Implementation loss < 0.5 dB down to Eb/No = 2dB. 4-bit soft-decision output (SOVA) for use by follow-on error correction
  • Convolutional or Turbo-code FEC error correction
  • TCP server for modulator data input and demodulator output. UDP server for demodulator output
  • Built-in tools: PRBS-11 pseudo-random test sequence, BER tester, AWGN generator, internal loopback mode, carrier frequency error measurement
  • Interface compatible with ComBlock RF receiver, RF modulator, ADC/DACs, RF transceivers
  • Graphical User Interface is used for remote monitoring and control over a USB or TCP link
  • ComScope-enabled: key internal signals can be captured in real-time and displayed on the host computer

    Card-Edge (J4) Card-Edge (J8)
    COM-3010 925-2175 MHz receiver COM-3504 Dual Analog<->Digital Conversions, 16-bit 250MS/s DACs, 12-bit 150 MS/s ADCs
    COM-3011 20 MHz - 3 GHz receiver COM-4009 Digital to [400 MHz - 4.4 GHz] broadband quadrature RF modulator
    COM-2001 Dual 2*10-bit digital-to-analog conversion, 125 MS/s
    COM-3010 925-2175 MHz receiver
    COM-3011 20 MHz - 3 GHz receiver

    Specifications (2.1 MB)
    USB 2.0 User manual
    Download USB2.0 Driver
    CPM modulator VHDL source code / IP core
    GMSK demodulator VHDL source code / IP core
    PCM/FM demodulator VHDL source code / IP core
    SOQPSK modem VHDL source code / IP core
    Purchase Online
    $445 COM-1827
    $850 CPM modulator IP core, VHDL source
    $850 GMSK demodulator IP core, VHDL source