DS Spread-Spectrum Demodulator 22 Mchips/s

  • Note: The newer COM-1518 now provides higher performance (60 MSymbols/s, parallel acquisition)
  • Digital demodulator with flexible configuration:
    • Variable chip rate up to 22 Mchips/s
      Speading factor 3 to 2047
      BPSK, QPSK selectable
      Center frequency: +/- 10 MHz
  • Spreading codes:
    • Gold sequences
      Maximal length sequences
      Barker codes (length 11, 13)
      GPS C/A codes
      Truncated codes
  • Demodulator data outputs: 4-bit soft-quantized to
    • Synchronous serial interface, or
      USB 1.1/2.0
  • Demodulation performances: within 1.5 dB from theory at threshold SNR of 5 dB
  • Sequential code search
  • ComScope-enabled: key internal signals can be captured in real-time and displayed on the host computer
  • Connectorized 3"x 3" module for ease of prototyping. Standard 40 pin 2mm dual row connectors (left, right, bottom). Single 5V supply with reverse voltage and overvoltage protection. Interfaces with 3.3V LVTTL logic

    Input Output
    COM-3008 Baseband receiver COM-1005 Bit error rate measurement
    COM-3007 2.3 - 2.8 GHz receiver COM-7002 Turbo code error-correction decoder
    COM-1519 Spread-spectrum digital modulator COM-1509 Convolutional error-correction decoder
    COM-1824 Channel emulator (Doppler, delay, fading, noise) COM-5003 TCP-IP / USB gateway
    COM-5004 IP Router
    COM-2001 Digital-to-analog converter (test)

    Other Demodulators
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    VHDL Source Code / IP Overview