High-Speed DSSS Demodulator, VHDL Source / IP Core
DSSS demodulator VHDL com-1518soft
  • Direct-Sequence Spread-Spectrum (DSSS) demodulation of intermediate frequency (real) input or baseband (complex) input signals.
  • Continuous mode operation (i.e. Burst mode is not supported).
  • Maximum processing gain: 33 dB. Spreading factor: 3 to 2047.
  • Code period can be (significantly) longer than symbol period:
    Maximal code period: 65535
  • Maximum chip rate: 50% of processing clock frequency.
    • 78 Mchips/s Xilinx Spartan-6 -2
    • 99 Mchips/s Xilinx Kintex-7 -2
  • Parallel code search for fast code acquisition. The number of parallel search circuits instantiated within can be selected by the user prior to synthesis.
  • False code lock prevention.
  • Accurate time of arrival pulse generated once per code period (can be used for round-trip delay measurement for example).
  • Built-in Bit Error Rate measurement.
  • VHDL source code included.
  • Unlimited license to make and use. See the complete licensing terms at comblock.com/download/softwarelicense.pdf

    COM-1500 Development platform FPGA + ARM + USB2 + DDR2 SODIMM Socket + NAND
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    COM- 1518SOFT
    High-speed DSSS Demodulator, VHDL Source Code / IP core
    $750 IP Core, VHDL source, unlimited use