Channel emulator 120 MSamples/s
  • Real-time digital channel simulator, featuring:
    • Multipath fading
    • Precise additive white Gaussian noise
    • Frequency translation
    • Long programmable delay up to 256 Msamples (1GB). (for satellite link simulation)
  • Multipath fading parameters are either user controlled (via USB or LAN/TCP) or adjusted dynamically by supplied statistical simulation models:
    • Rician (some line of sight)
    • Rayleigh (no line of sight)
    • Lognormal shadowing
  • Maximum input sampling rate: 120 Msamples/s, complex, 16-bit precision. Support for complex baseband inputs and IF undersampling
  • Multi-path:
    • 16 complex baseband paths (one direct, 15 scattered or reflected paths)
    • Each indirect path is modeled as a delay (0 to 511 samples), an initial phase offset, a Doppler frequency offset and an amplitude scaling coefficient
    ComScope-enabled: key internal signals can be captured in real-time and displayed on a host computer
  • Connectorized 3x 3 module for ease of prototyping. High-speed 98-pin PCIe connectors (left, right). Single 5V supply with reverse voltage and overvoltage protection. Interfaces with 3.3V LVTTL logic.
  • com-1824 channel emulator
    Left Right
    COM-3011 [20 MHz - 3 GHz] Receiver / SDR COM-3504 Dual Analog<->Digital Conversions, 16-bit 250MS/s DACs, 12-bit 150 MS/s ADCs
    COM-3010 [925 - 2175 MHz] receiver, frequency synthesizer, AGC, dual A/D conversion COM-2001 Digital to Analog conversion, 10-bit 125MS/s
    COM-3007 [2.3 - 2.8 GHz] receiver, frequency synthesizer, AGC, A/D conversion COM-4009 Digital to [400 MHz - 4.4 GHz] broadband quadrature RF modulator


    Specifications (1.85 MB)
    $445 Ready-to-use Module